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You have reached the portal of the ORIGINAL FanFicWeb. Due to the accidental loss of my original domain name, this site is now at I'm afraid that, since I'm not willing to pay $2100 or $3100 (the counteroffers I got from the person now holding the domain name) for a domain name not worth the $60 I offered for it, this is the domain name we will be keeping and using. Anyone stumbling on this site who is considering purchasing my old domain name, please note that the person selling it has vastly inflated the unique visitor stats. That domain name (the .net version) has never received more then 6000 to 7000 unique visitors in a month and I seriously doubt they are continuing to go to that domain name.

In a flurry of securing proper domain names, I rather got carried away. As a result, you can now reach various parts of the site via the following domain names:

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The material once in the S:AAB Creative Work Centre can now be found at the The S:AAB FanFic Flightdeck.

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