Soldier of Fortune, Inc Fanzines

  • Good to Go: 3 issues. CJ Stories: Work Farm (#1), Apology (#1), Replay (#1)
  • Watch Your Six: A mix of 1st and 2nd season and consists of stories that have been published on the web (many are no longer on the web) or in another multi-media zine. 6 issues. CJ Stories: Mind Games (#1), Dancing With the Dead (#2), A Community Service (#2), Millennium (#3), Explanations (#4), Extreme Measures (#5), Island Impression (#6).
  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: This is a slash zine with a sprinkling of CJ/Chance or CJ/Benny Ray in every issue. 4 issues.

There are two places on-line to purchase these fanzines:

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