Supernatural: Crowley/Anna

Updated: March 6, 2011

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  • Blessed is his Child by ameonna1: The apocalypse pushes on, whether the players are ready or not. (Crowley starts appearing in part six.) Warnings: AU, Minor language, sexual situations, implied angel!cest.
    • Little Words by ameonna1: Angels and demons fall for all sorts of reasons. Warnings: Sex
  • Funky In Fishnet
    • His Angel, Her Demon: The end is nearing. Crowley and Anna anticipate in very different ways. But they do it unexpectedly together. A collection of one-shots. Includes Precipice, Here There Be Monsters, and the CuddleComment Meme: Reap and Sow, Together.
    • Here Be Monsters: Anna and Crowley anticipate the end in very different ways, together. Then decide how to tackle the aftermath.
    • Precipice: The end is nearing. Anna is in pain and Crowley does what he does best. They live and work for tomorrow to keep coming.
  • kijikun
  • Never Too Late by morgonconner: Second chances, and the things you can do with them.
  • Evanescent by smaragdbird: The last battle of Heaven vs. Hell vs. Team Free Will Rated PG-13
  • somnolentblue

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