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Updated: March 6, 2011

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  • SPN Dabbles Crowley by angeloftheodd08: Implied one-sided Bobby/Crowley, all drabbles Crowley-centric
  • A Deal For Love by blackhearteddistruction: Bobby’s going on a new hunt and a certain King of the crossroads demon wont leave him alone. Crowley wants to make a bet with him and if he looses it will change Bobby’s life forever. Along with other short stories and drabbles.
  • Beaches and Broken Glass by castielssamiel: Crowley takes Bobby on vacation with him. AU story
  • Christmas Miracle by disturbinglynic: Christmas Winchester style.
  • Two Minutes To Midnight by DeanFan: Tag from the episode showing Bobby and Crowley making the deal.
  • Habituation by echoist Rated Teen And Up Audiences
  • Saturday Night at Bobby’s: goddessmcgeek
  • Destiny of a Hunter by goth_clark: Dean’s idyllic life is about to be shattered. Rated R
  • Stalemate by ihasastopwatch: The few humans and supernatural beings fighting on Sam and Dean’s side of the battle made it out alright as well, but their losses were hard hits that still seem to outweigh the number of lives that have been saved.
  • All The Small Things by iRawr: “In the end, none of this is going to matter anyway. We’re young right now, but that won’t last forever. So let’s fuck things up while we can, that way we’ll have something to brag about when we’re old.” “…so they don’t know you’re here?” “Pretty much.”
  • Fergus-licious by kennagirl: Maybe Bobby should just start sleeping in the panic room.
  • Snow Angels by lafleurdumal85: It’s the first real ‘family’ Christmas Dean’s had for as long as he can remember. For once, things are going good for the Winchesters, and if only Dean felt more secure in his relationship with Castiel things would be perfect. Luckily, Castiel has thought of the perfect gift to make it up to him. Rated R
  • Madwriter223
    • 5 Time Crowley’s Demon Nature Was Obvious, and 1 Reason Bobby Still Hadn’t Ganked Him: Written for a prompt from the Bobby/Crowley Meme. Also, this is my official Halloween Special. Rated R
    • 30 Snapshots: 30 snapshots featuring the life of Bobby and Crowley. Will be crack, will be romance. Rating may vary. Established relationships, possible cameos of other characters. Rated M
    • Kitchen Conversation: Team Free Will were sitting in Bobby’s kitchen. Anything more will spoil you guys. Just some crack with Gabriel and Crowley. slight Bobby/Crowley
    • At a Demon’s Mercy: Smex, pure and simple. Note: This is an extended version of “I am the Prophet Chuck” Written for the Bobby/Crowley Prompt Meme. The prompt is as follows: Discussing the strange presence of duct-tape bondage in the Winchester Gospels. prophet!Chuck preferable to God!Chuck, but either’s okay Rated NC-13
    • Night Yelling: Bobby talks (well, more like yells) in his sleep. Crowley is surprised at what he hears. Rated R
    • Feeding a Hunter: Crowley never thought he’d start enjoying cooking so much. Nor did he think feeding Bobby would be so entertaining.
    • A Goodbye: It’s been a long time since Crowley had to deal with a soul so … unique. Some spoilers, pre-Bobby/Crowley
    • A Remade Soul: One day, a hunter and a demon made a deal. Because of that, something happened that they did not expect. MPreg, Bobby/Crowley. (formerly titled A Visit from Old Friends) Rated R
  • mia6363
    • Hellhound-Sitting: “Hello, darling. If you’re listening to this, than I’m quite alive. However, demons are on my tail, and I need you to take care of Winston for me.”
    • A Thing: Every Friday just became one of those things. (Coda to 6.04)
    • Oh …. music: A series of music dabble, three with Bobby/Crowley. Rated PG-13 through R.
    • Better Than Death: When the Apocalypse ends, everything isn’t magically fixed… it just stays the same.
  • Sail a ship into the sun by misdrey: In the end, what better use could a soul like his possibly have? Rated PG-12 for swearing
  • And Then They Kiss by mrscastielftw: They sat staring at a laptop in a small bedroom in a regular suburban area.
  • F#$%ing Winter Wonderland by Mystic7194: Bobby wakes up to find his house covered in Christmas decorations. He tries to find out who did it and ends up making out with a demon.
  • Somewhat Honorable Intentions by princess_aleera: Gabriel likes Sam, but has been hiding his feelings because A) he’s pretty sure Sam’s not gay and B) he’s an archangel and a Trickster, he doesn’t fall in love…until Sam finds out about Gabriel’s little “thing” and decides to show the archangel just how wrong he is.
  • psycocatgirl
    • How Bobby Got His Soul Back: He hadn’t forgotten the deal he’d forged with the demon, or the promise Crowley had made him. He also knew that getting his soul back from the demon wasn’t going to be as easy as Crowley had implied.
    • Demons Don’t Do Pillowtalk: He was free… So why was Crowley still in his bed? Sequel to How Bobby Got his Soul Back.
    • Touch Not The Houseplant: This was some kind of nightmare, Dean decided.
  • Rayhne
    • kitten!Sam’verse: Good news! Sam’s back out of Hell! Bad News! He’s a kitten! Wait a minute …
    • Blind!Crowley: A year after the almost-Apocalypse, Bobby finds an injured Crowley on his doorstep. Rated R for Graphic Sex, Language, Rape, Torture
  • The little spoon by Sajiwostudios: Bobby always sort of felt like he wore the pants in this relationship
  • More than a Deal by samcamstargate1
  • sarahlizzie
    • An Evil Surprise: It’s bathtime. Hey, shuddup, Bobby needs to relax! Rated R
    • Movie Night: Bobby and Crowley share a movie night, and some good old fashioned bickering.
  • Bobby Walks Into a Bank by spoodle monkey: Bobby walks into a bank, Crowley decides to come to his rescue. Oh and worlds worst bank robber. Bobby/Crowley slash. Available at and LiveJournal
  • Livin la Vida Loca by secondplatypus: In the middle of an ass-cold South Dakota winter, Bobby wakes up on a tropical island without his pants.
  • Why Don’t You and I? by secondplatypus: Crowley stops by to wish Bobby a happy birthday, and they have a Moment. Bobby has a little freak-out, Crowley makes it better, and the hunter surprises himself.
  • Share Each Other Like An Island by thegeminisage: Dean never expected to see his amulet again, much less with Sam’s soul inside. But after a century in Hell, Sam’s soul is broken so badly that Castiel says it’ll take a lifetime to heal, and that’s a lifetime they don’t have, not with Sam’s body still hellbent on killing Bobby. Together, Dean and Castiel set themselves the task of learning the amulet’s complicated history, and just what Sam did on his last night on earth.
  • The Insane Eraser
    • 6 Bobby/Crowley ficlets (Schmoop_Bingo): Everyone figured Crowley disappeared after Lucifer was locked back in his cage. Bobby knew the truth.
    • Remove the Mask: Bobby’s held it off long enough, only he’s surprised by the reactions.
    • Beautifully Graceless: The aftermath and clean up of the Apocalypse with hardships, romance, heartbreak, learning and trusting. Anna wishes to save a human girl who’s trying to fly. Dean’s trying to fix his relationship with his brother while coming to terms with his feelings with Cas who’s unsure of himself anymore. Sam’s trying to heal after his time in hell while trying to help Gabriel who’s trying to cope with his brother’s betrayal and life without his grace. Crowley’s trying hard not to fall for Bobby, who’s trying to show the demon a different life then the one he’s living.
    • Unravelled: (Sequel to Angel Feathers and Beer Bottles & To Tempt a Trickster) With a new plan in their heads, Team Free Will and friends set out to trap Lucy back in the box. Only, things don’t go as planned and when Death proves harder than anticipated, will they make it out of this alive?
    • Cupids Cabin: When Bobby and Crowley awaken together in a cabin, sealed off from the outside world stocked with food and clothes to their tastes, they are dumbstruck and wary. But as time goes on, and their stay turns from hell to not-so-bad, can they find the way out, and when they do. Will they want to? And who’s behind all this. Demons, Angels?
    • Two Angels and a Demon: Cas and Gabriel want to make something special for their humans, Crowley observes.
    • It All Comes to and End: A year after the apocalypse, the Winchester family, angels and demon included, celebrate their first thanksgiving together as a whole.
  • Being Dean Winchester by thinlizzy2: Dean and Cas’ romantic getaway doesn’t go as planned.
  • A Bargain (The Best I Ever Had) by trinityofone: A response to a blindfold_spn prompt: Lilith told Sam that to seal a deal with her would require more than a kiss. What if the same were true for Crowley as well, and tongue isn’t the only thing Bobby needed to use? Bonus points if a weird, consensual relationship ensues. Rated NC-17
  • vanillafluffy
    • After the Dust Has Settled: Future fic: With the Apocalypse behind them, the Winchesters and their friends have a reunion. The group features a mechanic, a biker, a theology student, a used car salesman and a cowboy. Who’s doing what? Funny you should ask! Guesses, not spoilers.
    • Soul Food: Bobby and Crowley had a deal, Bobby’s soul in exchange for the location of Death, to be returned after successfully quashing the Apocalypse. Now it’s time for Crowley to keep his side of the bargain. Post 5.22, minor spoilers.
  • ‘Tis the Season by xarixian: A happy Christmas indeed
  • Where We’re Heading To by yeclek: After the Apocalypse, Castiel gets Dean back into hunting, and the two face off against a new trouble-causing demon, Samael.
  • Content by Zaleone: Bobby doesn’t know what to think of the demon who gave up everything for him. Bobby/Crowley, slash, one-shot.
  • Shut up and kiss me by zelda_zee Spoilers for 5.21. Rated PG-13

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