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Updated: March 6, 2011

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  • Anne Higgins
    • Devil Is in the Details: Crowley sees the future and doesn’t like it. An AU of third season in which the King of the Crossroads decides to head off the Apocalypse before it can really get started. And all he wants in return is Dean.
    • Re-Hymenated: Crowley’s done some unexpected tampering with Dean’s body. Sequel to Devil Is in the Details. Rated NC-17
  • Homewrecker by blueskypenguin: Crowley makes an appearance just when Dean’s beginning to get used to this new way of life.
  • casiedearestfic
    • In Your Hands: Demon!Brady kicked Dean’s ass WAY harder than in canon. Crowley and Dean have been through more together than….in canon. This, yeah… not so canon. Rated PG-13.
    • In Your Care: Another installment in the Trust ‘Verse. Can be read as a stand alone. Rated PG-13. sequel to In Your Hands
  • CastielsAngel-x
    • Telephone: Phone sex is fun. But phone sex doesn’t last long when it’s with your favorite demon. Dean/Crowley, smut, swearing. Rated NC-17
    • Only for Me: Dean gets jealous when Crowley seals his deals with a kiss. Part 2 in the Telephone series. Rated R
    • Frozen: Dean is injured during a demon attack, and Crowley stays by his side, much to the annoyance of Sam. Part 3 in the Telephone series. Rated NC-17
    • Fever: After an encounter with a witch, Dean is cursed, and only one person can cure him; Crowley. Part 4 in the Telephone series. Rated NC-17
    • It Was a Very Good Year: Crowley fills Sam in on how he and Dean got together. Swearing, angst and fluff. Dean/Crowley. #5 in the ‘Telephone’ series. R&R, x.
  • Subliminal Messaging by defiant_deviant: Dean’s dreams like to tie him up and chat. Among other things. Rated Explicit NC-17
  • Dean and the Hellhound by Devil’s Dark Dragon Angel: Crowley goes to Hell for business and his pup needs to go somewhere. preslash
  • A Demon Calls by Dollar Short: Post ‘Swan Song’. In which Crowley hears things and decides it’s time to call on Dean.
  • entangled_now
    • Sufferance: In which Crowley indulges himself and Dean suffers. Rated NC-17
    • I Need No Sympathy: Dean knows there are no happily ever afters for people like him. Rated NC-17
    • No Expenses Spared: In which Dean fraternizes with the enemy. Rated NC-17
    • Fire Drills: Dean feels like he’s on fire. Rated NC-17
  • I’m your villain by fleshflutter Rated NC-17
  • Misery Likes Company by janie_tangerine: talking about his feelings for Castiel with a demon who was in love with another angel isn’t exactly what Dean had signed for when he decided to take a walk in the park. And he definitely hadn’t signed for more than talking. Rated R
  • So by Nicholas de Vilance: Dean wants to ask, but he really doesn’t want to know…does he? //Dean/Crowley, crack//
  • Strange Face of Love by Ravenspear: In which Ravenspear posts her growing collection of Dean/Crowley comment!fics.
  • Spes by setos_puppy: The clock to Dean Winchester’s last hour is winding down and Gabriel calls for backup.
  • Dance With The Devil In the Pale Moonlight by silver ruffian: “My dad…and my brother…were the only things in this world that kept me in check. And they’re gone now. Because of him.” SPN/Batman: Under The Red Hood Xover. Dark AU.
  • Deal with the Devil by supercharmed89: Crowley has a proposition for Dean concerning Sam’s soul. What will he do? Better story inside. One-shot.

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    Is this Crowley/Dean page going to be updated at some point? Because I’m slightly obsessed with this pairing and always on the look out for more stories. If you’re having trouble finding more stories for this I could point you out to a few on and Archive of Our Own. Not including one story of mine. But ya, are you going to update this page?

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