Supernatural: Crowley/Sam

Updated: March 6, 2011

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  • One Simple Plan? by AerrowLover: Yeah, right. Something’s brewing in Michigan, something which may make even the Apocalypse look easy-peasy. But once the boys -and a ‘friend’- go there, Sam ends up alone with only a demon for company. And it’s up to Dean to save him.
  • Better the Devil by Annie46: ’Kisses aren’t just for deals mate!’ Rated NC-17
  • Cigars and Strawberries by Henry Jekyll: Sam and Dean stop overnight in an abandoned house. Castiel’s new ability to text on his phone makes Sam nervous, but Dean doesn’t see a problem. As Dean sleeps, Sam realizes he was right to be worried. Sam, Dean, Castiel & Crowley Rated NC-17 DARK SLASH
  • Leave Deal Making To The Professionals by Mrs. Sammy Dean Winchester: Sam/Crowley! After Sam kills the crossroad demon, Crowley the ‘king of the crossroads’ shows up. He offers Sam a deal to counter Dean’s and to save him from the pit, and Sam, in his obsession to save his brother, agrees. So, what’s the catch? Rated M
  • Cheap Tequila and Fine Scotch by princess_aleera: “You’ve been threatening my employees for three weeks, Sam. It’s not going to work. Dean’s not coming back.”
  • 10 things I Hate About You by teamfreewillangel: crowley lists the reason’s why he doesn’t like sam
  • We All Fall Down by wednesdaynotes: There are reasons Crowley doesn’t like Sam. Rated R
  • youaredriving
    • Itch: Rated R
    • Tired of His Games: Sam is tired of Crowley’s games (Best summary I can come up with). Inspired by a comment_fic prompt. Mature
  • We All Fall Down by weirdwednesday: There are reasons Crowley doesn’t like Sam. Rated R

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