Battlestar Galactica: Romo Lampkin

Updated: June 15, 2010

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Fan Fiction by Author

  • The Brighter Side of Blindness by augrah: Lee Adama and Romo Lampkin pontificate over some drinks. Not really a plot. Just talking.
  • The Gift of Hermes by brennanspeaks: Romo Lampkin knows what it means to be a surrogate son. (Rated G)
  • Trading Demons by Fantastic Pants: Try as he might to fight it, Major Lee Adama is still a good boy. But he’s most definitely not too good. Set after ‘The Son Also Rises’. Rated M
  • The truth about Romo Lampkin by frakkintalos: This follows Romo Lampkin as he meets his mentor Joseph Adama, influences President Adar and reveals his true self.
  • A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words by gaeta_squee: Gaeta’s on trial for mutiny, Romo is his lawyer.
  • No One’s Fearless by ivanolix: Sam’s dying out on her, but she shouldn’t get this scared about losing just one life.
  • Five Times Sharon Was Judged and The Time She Wasn’t by kindreds
  • Hostile Witness by millarific: The totally made-up, sketchily legal, pre-trial interview of Felix Gaeta
  • Through the Eyes of a Madman by Narciscia: Romo Lampkin knew a lot about the Adama/Roslin relationship in Sine Qua Non. This is a story of how he came to know so much. An observation of the Adama/Roslin romance through the eyes of a madman.
  • Lance the Cat by puszysty: a couple of short-shorts from Lance’s point of view.
  • Sucker for Punishment by rose_griffes
  • Life with Jake by urbaninja
  • Share of night by Waterfowl: Romo Lampkin views Lee and Dee’s date from the sidelines and ruminates, as the tragedy of Dee’s demise unfolds. Set through ‘Sometimes A Great Notion’, s.4. Mentions of ‘The Son Also Rises’ and ‘Caprica’. L/D, Lee&Romo friendship. Features Jake-the-dog

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