Supernatural Crossovers

Updated: August 9, 2011

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • One for Us by PatriciaLouise: Caleb had expected special treatment in Hell… after all, he had served The First well…

Doctor Who

  • Save Me, Doctor by TheDoctorsCompanion13: The Doctor and Canton meet again by accident and there’s something not quite right with Canton. Possible One-Shot, May choose to continue.
  • Silence will fall by tortsh-coed: Why does Crowley’s hand flash red? A short Canton!Crowley crossover


  • A Demon Called Badger by anti-pookie: Crowley left Earth That Was years after the Apocalypse That Wasn’t. He meets a young war general and remembers his past.
  • Earth That Was by Desiree Angelique: River thought the voices would quiet after Miranda. Now they’re louder, Wash is a glowing ‘Angel’, and only she can hear the Angels who have decided she must save Earth That Was.

Good Omens
These stories are included because the Crowley in them is the Crowley from Supernatural.

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  • My angel by BoundLight: Takes place after ‘The Devil You Know.’ The Winchester’s meet Aziraphale. Crowley should have warned them first… Crowley/Aziraphale, Dean/Cas
  • Crowley versus Crowley by darkest_alchemy: Anthony J. Crowley thinks Crowley has stolen his name; Crowley questions A.J. Crowley’s relationship with Aziraphale.
  • icarus_chained
    • Arrangements-verse: Team Free Will meets everyone’s favorite angel and demon, and it all spirals from there. This is a series of stories with Crowley/Aziraphale, Dean/Castiel, and Sam/Gabriel. Ratings range from PG to PG-13.
    • Remnants of an Old War: Crowley worries Bobby when he comes to give back a soul, and the rather embarrassed but determined hunter asks Cas to investigate. But someone doesn’t want Cas anywhere near the demon and his secrets … Rated R
      • A Heaven for Fallen Archangels (sequel to Remnants of an Old War): Twenty feet away, a very stunned ex-celestial agent crouched, and stared at the archangel who’d just fallen from death and the sky onto his doorstep. Rated PG-13
    • Teashop Rendez-vous: The archangel walked in on him in his favourite teashop
    • Shadow Play: Crowley wasn’t completely sure there was a word for the … almost reverence … with which these two were regarded. A strange, detached worship, a pity and a hate, a virulent contempt and a desperate sense of possession. A lurid sideshow, save that it was revered. Crowley watched it now. Rated hard R
  • Blood, Feathers, and Ashes by ihasastopwatch: Their list of allies is growing thin and the ones still alive are not as strong as they could be. With the final battle between Lucifer and Michael looming, Sam and Dean are forced to fall back on a plan they’d hoped would be a last resort – magic so old that even Gabriel isn’t entirely familiar with it.
  • mia6363
    • Angel on My Shoulder: Only assholes set out to do something to make history. Dean didn’t give a crap about history books. Rated R
    • Quite a Misunderstanding: An angel walks into a flat to see two Crowleys, one holding a brandy and one tied to a chair. It would be the start of a great joke if it wasn’t actually happening.
  • Myra Morana
    • Helping Hands: “Castiel, dear, are you and Dean… are you and Dean not doing it?” Rated PG-12)
      • Push and Shove: The afternoon is indeed interesting. This is the porny follow-up to Helping Hands. Rated NC-17
    • Still Frame: Their mouths move against each other, a hot mess of lips and tongues and teeth, and Sam can’t tear his eyes away. Rated NC-17 Foursome, a bit of rough sex, angel!cest.
  • Echos by nice_girls_play: Sam Winchester is back from Hell and has unfinished business with a certain demon.
  • Crowley & Crowley by Night’s Fang: Set after Good Omens and before Supernatural 5×21. The eighth meeting is a thing of beauty. A.J. Crowley and Crowley, a history of friendship. Implied Crowley/Crowley, and Crowley/Aziraphale
  • Hypatia by therealcaptain: After learning of a book that may contain knowledge on a weapon that can kill Lucifer, Castiel takes Sam and Dean to visit Aziraphale. Rated PG
  • haven’t got the words for you by xmarie08: Chuck’s life is weird. He’s a Prophet of the Lord. He’s trying to fight the devil with a crew of misfits. So it’s really not so surprising that when Dean and Cas start bickering Gabriel, goaded by new buddy, takes matters into his own hands and decides to have a little fun. Now it’s up to Chuck and the gang to write Dean and Cas’ story… Rated PG-13 for language

Harry Potter

  • What’s Another Brand? by Mrs.T Felton: Harry Prayed to God to end the Wizarding War. I guess God just didn’t Care. Rated M for Slash
  • Owned by Shiro Kurisutaru: He made a deal. The Wizarding World was safe. He, however, wasn’t. Rated M for Slash
  • Years to Minutes by scarletsptember: Hunting Hellhounds was Harry’s business. He’s always been successful until now and recovery isn’t fun. Not with his new roommate. AU
  • Wrath by tinybee: Part FIVE in The Seven Deadly Sins universe. Never touch something that belongs to a demon. Especially one that has hell hounds at his arsonal. Harry belongs to Crowley, and someone is about to see why people should stay away from him. Harry/Crowley.


  • It’s Not Personal (It’s Business) by chibifrieza: Leverage/SPN: Yeah, Crowley and Sterling are totally the same guy. Or at least twins.
  • The Ripple Effect by dapatty with artwork by davincis_girl: Nathan Ford never dreamed that his investigation into an apartment fire would lead him so far down the rabbit hole, nor did he imagine just how far his team was already in it. Fic rated NC-17; Non-linear story telling, explicit m/f sex, banter. Art rated G, worksafe
  • The Crowley Job by epeeblade: Nate gathers his team together for a briefing in a universe very different from our own.

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