Firefly: Badger

  • The Whole Show by Ana: Some days, Mal figures the ‘verse is out to get him. Other days, not so much. Rated R
  • Love Lost by Emony: The one time Buffy Summers thinks she’s found love.
  • Intolerable by Jebbypal: Badger gets upset when the ‘Verse doesn’t work right.
  • I Got My Hands on a Pair by Karmageddon
  • Do We Not Bleed? by kispexi2 Rated PG-13
  • More Fun by Nary: Jayne was told to do anything necessary to keep Badger busy. ANYTHING. Rated NC-17
  • A New Life by ontheinsideimfive: Magenta Banning was one of the many taken and twisted by the Alliance. Now she’s gotten free and just wants to start a new life. Then she meets Badger and she fell in love. But nothing can ever go smoothly once the crew of Serenity docks on Persephone. Rated M
  • A Little Matter of Payment by Pond: It shouldn’t have been a surprise that Badger preferred first and foremost letting others do the dirty work. Rated NC-17
  • psycholizard
    • Loyalty: River/Badger. PostShindig. River ensures Badger will never turn her into the Feds. Rated K+
    • The Courtship of River Tam: River/Badger. Mal/River. PostShindig. Followup to Loyalty, so read that one first. Badger likes River, River like Badger. Mal doesn’t like Badger so he decides he’s gonna like River. Rated K+
  • Payday by quiesce Rated R
  • Roseveare
    • Persephone Stopover: Mal and the gang stopover on Persephone to arrange a spot of honest smuggling – before the day’s out, River’s fixing up with Badger and half the crew need rescuing from Alliance custody. Follows ‘Reliance (no Badger)’. Rated PG-13
    • Intervention: After the events on Persephone, Simon and Inara must put themselves on the line to help Mal get the medical attention he needs. Rated PG-13
  • Lookin’ for Trouble in all the Wrong Places by Sonya Rated R
  • Better Than by Tabitha: A young Badger has a run in of the not so nice kind. Rated G
  • A Man of Principle by Thescarredman: You know how sometimes you look at something familiar, and you realize you don’t know it at all? Badger is like that.

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