Leverage: Sterling

Updated March 14, 2011

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  • More Arthur Than The Sheriff by lears_daughter: “I am not the Sheriff of Nottingham to Nate Ford’s Robin Hood.” Sterling sets the record straight.
  • Who You Gonna Call? by merry_gentry: On-going series. Written for rayhne’s prompt ‘Leverage, Parker + Sterling, Parker is injured, the team is out of touch so she called the only person she can trust…Sterling’.
  • monkeytwin
    • lit up by the skylight by monkeytwin: Watching her, he remembered the first time she became Maggie. –– First “Silver and Gold” vignette, set during The Second David Job.
    • overture in the aftermath : She took a patient breath. “Jim, why did you send me flowers?” – , set after The Second David Job.
    • a question of cost: if he didn’t dial this time, he was a bloody coward. Third “Silver and Gold” vignette
  • Rayhne
    • The Sterling Job: Sterling re-enters the team’s life in a surprising way, forcing them to join forces with the NCIS agents to find out who is trying to kill them. Work-in-Progress ON HOLD Rated R for discussion of child abuse/rape.
    • The Ring Job: Jim Sterling hires the team to investigate a cold case … his own. Work-in-Progress Rated R for discussion of child abuse/rape
    • Running: Running doesn’t always mean running away. Sometimes it means running to. Rated PG
  • The Lost Lamb Job by Trowa B: Lost lambs and good shepherds… Rated G
  • Hidden Hopes by talaryn: Under the cut is the crackiest piece of crack I have ever (or likely will ever) write in my entire life. With my most profound apologies to Mark Sheppard (Also posted on my personal journals).
  • When Rabbits Attack
    • Parley: Parley was parley. You didn’t use it for ambush. Spoilers to the end of 2.15 “The Maltese Falcon Job”
    • Inconceivable: Sterling seems to cling to the fantasy that they were once friends, or at the very least share some kind of common bond. Spoilers to 2.15 “The Maltese Falcon Job” Takes place just after the ending.
    • Interview: There were two types of people in the world you didn’t want to piss off. Reporters were the second one.
  • Nothing Left to Lose by vipersweb: The War Office has a request for the Honorable Mister Nathaniel Ford
  • Like the Gun by whimoffate: Jim Sterling hates Sophie Deveraux.
  • That Which We’ve Become by Yanzadracan: The success tries to save the failed. R for implied situations

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