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Firefly: Badger

Stories with Badger in them. All ratings included so watch the warnings.

Leverage: Sterling

Sterling stories. These stories include both gen and slash ratings so please read the warnings.

Soldier of Fortune, Inc Fanzines

Soldier of Fortune, Inc. fanzines that have stories with CJ. There ae both gen and slash zines.

Supernatural: Crowley/Castiel

Updated: August 24, 2011 Communities Sinfully Divine: A Crowley/Castiel Community Also see: Artwork Stories listed by author Regrettable Things by *Nimloth87 BoundLight Beaten: While walking through a park, Crowley gets ambushed by a group of angry demons. Castiel decides to get some revenge. Trapped: Castiel decides to go for a walk, and Crowley decides to [...]