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Communities devoted to characters Mark plays.

Supernatural: Crowley/Bobby

Stories and comment_fic centered on Crowley/Bobby. Most are slash so please mind the warnings.

Supernatural: Crowley/Castiel

Updated: August 24, 2011 Communities Sinfully Divine: A Crowley/Castiel Community Also see: Artwork Stories listed by author Regrettable Things by *Nimloth87 BoundLight Beaten: While walking through a park, Crowley gets ambushed by a group of angry demons. Castiel decides to get some revenge. Trapped: Castiel decides to go for a walk, and Crowley decides to [...]

Supernatural: Crowley/Gabriel

Updated August 24, 2011 Growley: GabrielxCrowley by ~HopelessRomanticXIII Communities GabrielxCrowley. It would have been canon. See also Artwork Stories listed by author Music Dabbles by _tyrande_: Scroll down for a Crowley/Gabriel dabble. Salvage by Alchemy Alice: It’s just old-fashioned curiosity. That’s what Crowley keeps telling himself. After all, an archangel’s never died before. It’s something [...]

Supernatural: Crowley/Other

Updated: August 24, 2011 This includes threesome and moresomes. Comment_fic is listed under each pairing rather then in a separate heading. See also: Artwork Communities Deep Fried Crack Crowley/Bela Wait For Fire Against The Wall (or, four vaguely chronological, untitled ficlets) by aparijita: There’s business, and there’s business. Rated PG for a bit of violence [...]