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False Beginnings
and Misc. Scenes

When I write a story, I can start and re-start it a good half-dozen times before stumbling on a beginning that works. Here, for your amusement, I am posting a few of false beginnings. None are beta-read.

Heart And Soul

Before I nailed this story down, it had a number of widely varying beginnings. When I first started it, I originally had Gary and Alvin (from THE WILD HUNT) in it. The story got a little too crowded so I wrote them out (and into their own series) but here, for your enjoyment, are some of those beginnings.

Beginning One: is an alternate beginning of HEART, originally called KOMEESEE
Scene One: is a continuation of Beginning One.
Scene Two: is another continuation of Beginning One, this one with the Wild Cards.
Scene Three: yet another continuation of Beginning One, again with the Wild Cards.
Scene Four: Yes, another version, one of the first, I think. In this one, Gary had a different name.

Beginning Two: an entirely different version.

Misc Beginnings

Here are some miscellaneous beginnings that don't really go with either of my current series, though they do have elements of HEART AND SOUL.

Beginning Three
Beginning Four
Beginning Five

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