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Space: Above and Beyond was a series with a great deal of promise but it was shown at a bad time and not really given the chance it should have (but then, it's rare a science fiction show is given a decent chance). The best thing to come out of it was James Morrison, the actor who played Lt. Col. T.C. McQueen. My two primary series center on this character (or, at least started off by centering on him).

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In Heart and Soul, Earth meets a conclave of alien races willing to aid them in their battle against the Shakitu -- the Chigs -- with one catch. The only person they'll deal with is TC McQueen, long since medically discharged from the military. Once brought into this unusual situation, McQueen finds himself entangled in both Earth and alien politics. . .and discovering that the alien politics is a lot more fun, that the Timnor have a very odd sense of humor and that having a Gryphip that weighs several tons for a backup is not a bad idea when dealing with Earth politics.

The Gryphips originally appeared in a Babylon 5 story (which I will be posting here, in part, at a later date) but they never really seems to work there so, when it became apparent they would work in S:AAB, I moved them over here. Ideally, the voice of Khadaji would be provided by Sean Connery and Skrathe's by John Lithgow. I am also a very avid fan/collector of Tarot cards, which is why new Wild Cards have call signs based on Tarot cards; Lady of Lances (Tristram Wolfe), Knight of Swords (Jason Spotted Pony) and Page of Pentacles (Eldon Beacon). That and the fact that sooner or later they were going to start running out of appropriate card-related names.

The series title, HEART AND SOUL, has been compared by one reader to a song by T'Pau with the same title. Having read the lyrics of that song, I quite agree.

Note: This story is not beta read. All errors are mine.

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