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Lies, Love
and The
Loch Ness
Not Yet Written

When the times grow tough and his years far too heavy, Methos goes to Scotland and to Loch Ness. Now, with the events of COMES A HORSEMAN and REVELATIONS 6:8 just days past, he invites Joe along to Scotland, where he tells the tale of how he left the Horsemen and the truth about the Loch Ness Monster.

Work in Progress
Parts 1 thru 3 posted

The Conclave offers to help Earth against the alien Chigs. . .for a price. They want T.C. McQueen to be the Komeesee of a new race of fighting ships, the sentient machines known as the Gryphips. Earth doesn't realize until too late the power this gives the InVitro. Can McQueen's newfound friends and allies help him navigate the dangers of Earth politics?

Storm's Eye
Not yet written

How will the strictness of Earth's military discipline hold up against a sassy, sexy, sentient Ish'Kirien computer? Ross finds himself the reluctant vanguard in the first attempt to combine Conclave and Earth crews on the Conclave Aerie Ship, Storm's Eye.


Several Available

Try as I might, I end up with inevitably end up with several versions of the same stories, beginnings, ending, scenes I don't use. Here are some of them.

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