The Emergents

Page Posted: 3/16/98
Last Modified: July 22, 2007

One of my favorite series of old. I started to write a series some years back and hope to finish it on line. The title of the series is V:The Emergents and consists of seven parts. I hope to have the first part up soon.

I started this series shortly after the series ended. . .my answer to what could have happened if the series had continued. At the time, I was heavily influenced by Marvel Comics and The New Mutants in particular and it does tend to show in the story.

The original intention was to have seven chapters in the series but due to a series of moves (one halfway across the continent) I lost track of the person publishing the stories and then lost track of the stories themselves. I recently found the stories and outlines (they were originally written on a Commodore 64 and I'm still converting them) and thought I'd post them here. Since I wrote it over ten years ago, I have taken some time to rewrite it some. If there proves to be enough interest, I will think about continuing the series.

Chapter One
In which a young girl with a big secret finds an unusual companion on her travels to the Free City and what happens when they arrive.
Posted: 4/11/98

Chapter Two
Work in Progress
Several new Rebels-to-be arrive, Ham receives a mysterious message resulting in an unsuspected arrival and a new Resistance group is mentioned.
Posted: 5/31/98
Last Updated: 5/31/98

Chapter Three
The L.A. Resistance attempts a rescue that blows up...literally...and runs into the New Moon on Monday Resistance group.

Chapter Four
Ham turns the command of the Emergents over to the leader of New Moon on Monday and leaves L.A. with Maggie.

Chapter Five
Maggie and Ham in Colorado.

Chapter Six
Maggie and Ham return to L.A.

Chapter Seven
An Emergent returns home to give the Visitors an ultimatum.

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