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The Pretender  Space: Above and Beyond

In a fit of inspiration (or insanity), I created a future tale of Jarod's descendants. This tale will be a crossover with Space: Above and Beyond and introduces Jarod and Steve's daughter.

Jarod and Steve wanted children and, in time, they managed it, first with the generous help of their respective sisters, then with a method that Jarod created. But that method was stolen and used to create what would become the InVitros of the future. Now, forty-plus years after the theft, their daughter, Admiral Honor Horne-Moore, arrives on the Saratoga to lead a push deep into Chig space. Right behind her are representatives of the agency once called the Centre, now called Aerotech, determined to keep McQueen from finding out his true origins and the Admiral from discovering the truth behind the theft.

This story will most likely be incorporated into THE WILD HUNT series.

The Pretender
The Sentinel

Someone is attacking and killing men in the same fashion that Steve was attacked six year ago. Much against their will, Jarod, Steve and his brother James get caught up in the investigation.

Help wanted!!!! I'm looking for a co-writer for this tale. Preferably someone who watches Millennium and/or The Sentinel on a regular basis. if you're interested.

This planned story will be a part of THE WILD HUNT series.

This story has three different beginnings. I have posted them here for everyone's enjoyment. I am not sure which I will use, if any. None are beta-read so read at your own risk.

Beginning One
Beginning Two
Beginning Three

Well, it seems that Beginning Three is the most liked. The only complaint I received was the lack of Jarod. All I can say is that no matter which version is used, Jarod and Steve will be appearing, if only for a short time.

The Pretender
Strikeforce One

Some of you may have noticed the beginning of a tale called Lost Souls, now available here. Tell me, would it be worth it to finished this tale? Let me warn you, it draws from my days as a comic book fanatic and has superbeings, immortals and aliens in it, among other things. Strikeforce One is of my own creation. This story is not beta-read.

There is a new scene as of 8/27/98. There is at least one more scene out there somewhere but I'm really not sure where it's going.

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