Another favorite. . .or at least the first two seasons were. I had a three-part series planned but ended up writing the middle story first. This story was published in altered form in Susan Garrett's off-line fanzine CURSES, FOILED AGAIN.

I started this series after the last episode of the second season of FRIDAY THE 13th THE SERIES. Needless to say, I was very upset about Ryan leaving and felt the need to create a situation where he could return. This was my answer to that need.

This story was originally intended as a trilogy. I do hope to at least write the sequel, which would include Micki and Johnny and take place in New Orleans.

Dusk Work

(as yet unwritten)
The prelude to Knight Shift

Knight Shift

In which Jack meets a mystery group called Night Shift.
Posted: 3/16/98.
This story appeared in altered form in the fanzine CURSES, FOILED AGAIN
published by Penguin Press. Comments are very welcome.

Dawn Duty

(as yet unwritten)
Jack goes to New Orleans to meet with Night Shift;
Micki and Johnny follow.

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