Early One Morning

Steve stretched, rolling on his side to reach for the other occupant of the bed. He frowned, groping the blankets for a long moment before reluctantly opening his eyes. Yep, the other side of the bed was empty.

With a yawn, Steve sat up, swinging his legs off the bed and standing. He didn't bother with any clothes as he padded from the bedroom and down the hall to the kitchen, pausing in the doorway to admire the view.

Jarod stood by the counter, cutting an apple into slices. Like Steve, he hadn't bothered with any clothes. Silently, Steve walked over to slip his arms around his lover, pressing his early-morning erection against him firmly.

Jarod grunted in surprise, having left Steve firmly asleep. Or so he thought. His surprise faded quickly as he pressed back with a purr. He opened his mouth to apologize for waking the other man but Steve pressed the palm of his hand gently over his mouth, insisting on silence. Jarod complied and the hand slipped down to caress his side.

Steve kissed the back of Jarod's neck lightly, gently rubbing his erection against Jarod's ass, growing harder with every stroke. Jarod sighed, turning his head to meet Steve's lips, his mouth open and tongue meeting and exploring his lover's.

Steve groaned and panted, thrusting steadily now, his passion peaking. But he wanted more and Jarod know it even before he did. His hand scrambled across the counter, finally grabbing a bottle of oil. He caught a glimpse of the words "extra-virgin" and almost laughed before pressing the bottle insistently into Steve's hand. Bending forward, he braced his arms on the counter and spread his legs further apart in invitation.

Steve's breath caught. Hastily he squirted oil into his hand and slipped his fingers between Jarod's cheek, probing his opening gently before slipping a finger inside.

Jarod bit his lip, forestalling a gasp. Steve liked anal sex but still had reservations about it and had a tendency to stop if Jarod showed signs of reacting badly. Jarod knew that if he could outlast the initial discomfort and pain, what followed would be well worth it.

Steve rested his free hand on Jarod's hip, working his finger in deeper, searching for that spot of pleasure. A sudden groan from Jarod signed his success and he smiled as he stroked that small gland, watching what he could see of his lover's face.

Jarod groaned again and pressed back encouragingly, flinching only slightly when Steve worked a second finger into him. Steve made a point of caressing the gland as he flexed the fingers gently apart, loosening the tight ring of muscle. Beneath him, Jarod whimpered with pleasure, his own cock hard and leaking. At that sound, Steve's control broke.

Despite his sudden urgency, Steve managed to gently to extract his fingers from Jarod, ignoring his groan of disappointment. Squirting more oil in his hand, he spread it thickly on his hard cock and stepped closer to Jarod, slipping the head gently into him.

Jarod sucked in his breath at the brief pain then, knowing Steve still might stop, rocked backwards insistently, impaling himself further on Steve's hard cock. Steve grabbed his hips, firmly holding him still, waiting until he felt Jarod had adjusted to being entered before slowly thrusting his way deeper.

Both men panted as they moved together, groaning with shared pleasure. This was, for the both of them, the ultimate consummation, one that Steve sometimes wished he could share with his partner. But he wasn't ready, not yet but then he saw the sheer pleasure on his lover's face and vowed that one day, hopefully soon, he would let Jarod give him that pleasure, that he would give Jarod the same pleasure he was currently receiving.

With a sudden motion, Steve moved back, slipping free of Jarod's body. Jarod didn't bother wondering why; he already knew. He straightened and turned, pulling himself onto the counter. Luckily the counters were wide enough for him to lay back on, though not too comfortably. Not that it mattered.

He raised his legs and Steve stepped close, slipping back into him with ease, bracing himself on his arms. Jarod sighed, resting his calves on Steve's shoulders as the man regained his rhythm, eye locked on Jarod's face.

Steve, Jarod had long since realized, liked to watch his face as they made love and he found that he liked watching Steve as well. He could even tell when Steve was about to come by the expression on his face. Yes, there was the look he was watching for. So involved was he in enjoying Steve's pleasure that he forgot his own, watching as Steve drew breath in sharply, thrusting deeply and becoming still as he came. His eyes left Jarod's face for the first time, squeezing shut as his back arched, head thrown back, grunting softly with pleasure.

Jarod thought he'd never seen anyone so beautiful.

Gradually, Steve relaxed, resting heavily on his braced arms, hand hanging then he gently drew free of Jarod's body, bending forward to engulf Jarod's erection. Jarod gasped then groaned, letting his legs rest on Steve's back. He slid his fingers into Steve's hair, unconsciously guiding his lover.

Already over-stimulated from being fucked, it didn't take but a couple seconds for Jarod to come. He cried out his pleasure, filling his lover's mouth with liquid heat. Steve swallowed willingly before kissing his way up Jarod's chest until he reached the willing mouth then plundering that fiercely with lips and tongue. Jarod kissed him back fervently, enjoying the taste of himself in his lover's mouth.

"And a good morning to you, too." He finally managed to catch his breath enough to say and Steve let his head drop to rest on Jarod's shoulder as he laughed silently.

Definitely not the End

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