Show and Tell

The usual disclaimers apply. I don't own the boys, which may be a good thing 'cause if I did, I sure wouldn't be using my time writing stories. This PWP was originally part of a longer story. The story was incorporated into my THE WILD HUNT series and may not be written for some time, if at all. The basis of the story is that, shortly after REVELATION 6.8, Methos is called away by a woman claiming to be his sister to help find and return a valuable horse. This scene takes place toward the end. MacLeod has come to the estate and Methos has retreated to the barn to avoid him.

Methos gently drew the brush through Clarise's thick mane, listening to her contented whuffles as she rubbed him back with her nose. Her eyes were half-closed though every now and then she would look over to flirt with the stallion in the next stall. Galahad looked back warily and sidled away. Methos chuckled. "Face it, old girl. Gonna be a spinster."

Clarise curled her lip and snorted, glaring at him, her expression just making the Immortal laugh harder.

"Oh, Clarise." He rested his forehead against hers. "Out of all the stallions you could possibly pick, you had to pick the one who doesn't have the slightest idea what to do with a mare!"

"He does seem a bit shy."

He had felt the Immortal presence for a few minutes now but he had figured it was just one of the Immortal children Eve had taken in over the millennia. The last thing he'd expected was to hear MacLeod's amused voice behind him and he spun to gape at the man.

"What are you doing here?" He blurted out. The last time he'd spoken to Joe, it was to find that MacLeod was keeping company with Cassandra still and Cassandra was still insisting that Methos hadn't change. Methos felt a twinge of worry. . .he had left his sword in the house but then he looked down the corridor and smiled slightly. He didn't have a sword but he did have several tons of horseflesh more then willing to defend him if need be.

Clarise nuzzled him in concern and he patted her nose absently. "Is Cassandra with you?"

Methos was astonished to see MacLeod's lips quirk in amusement. "She's talking with Eve." He reached over to rub Galahad's forehead.

"Oh, my." Methos chuckled. "I hope someone's taking notes."

"Joe's there too." MacLeod eyed Methos thoughtfully for so long that the Old Man began to squirm. MacLeod seemed fascinated by his every twitch.

"Mac. What's wrong with you?" Methos finally blurted.

MacLeod's eyes snapped up to meet his then he suddenly stepped close, so close that Methos was forced to step back, stumbling into the empty stall next to Galahad's. "To be perfectly honest," Mac almost purred. "I was wondering about a little game of show and tell."

"Show and. . ?" Suspicion nagged at Methos and he wasn't sure he liked where it was going.

"Poor Galahad doesn't seem to know what to do. Maybe he needs a demonstration."

"A demonstration?" Methos said, eyeing the man in front of him. "All right, who are you and what have you done with MacLeod?"

Mac grinned. "Maybe I'm finally seeing things clearly. How long have you been in love with me?"

"In love?" Methos' voice squeaked, wondering what Eve had said to make MacLeod ask that. He paused to clear his throat, finally managing to speak more in his normal tone. "What makes you think that?"

Mac smirked then leaned closed, literally nose-to-nose. "You're not?" He almost purred the words.

Methos opened his mouth to say just that but the words wouldn't come and Mac's grin widened. "Now, about that demonstration. . ."

Methos shivered as Mac leaned close to kiss him lightly. His resistance, such as it was, slipped away at that gentle touch.

"Undress." The Highlander said huskily, breath tickling Methos' lips.

Methos fumbled to obey, stripping off his clothes and letting them fall to the ground. He didn't question his sudden good fortune, he just looked over Mac to make sure he wasn't drunk or under the control of anyone. Not the former that he could see and as for the latter. . .well, many things were possible within this estate but mind control was not one of them, of that he was certain.

MacLeod undressed even quicker and Methos paused, eyes wandering over the Highlander's broad shoulders and chest and then downward, licking his lips in anticipation. Dimly he heard Mac laugh and strong callused hands rested on his shoulders, pushing him to his knees. Eagerly, Methos leaned forward, tongue extended to lightly lick Mac's erection. Mac chuckled again and pushed Methos down hard, onto his hands and knees and was kneeling behind him in a smooth motion, leaning forward to rest his weight on the other's back.

"Demonstration, remember? One of us," and he drew his tongue wetly along Methos' shoulder. "has to be the mare."

Methos groaned, extending his neck to show his throat. MacLeod accepted his submission, licking the side of his neck then abruptly lowering his head and sinking his teeth into the pale shoulder. Methos yelped at the sudden pain and bucked against Mac.

Keeping his teeth locked firmly in Methos' shoulder, Mac gripped the Old Man's hips hard enough to bruise and worked his legs further apart. He had taken a brief moment to slick his cock with saliva but knew that it was still going to be a rough entry. At the moment, though, he didn't particularly care and he suspected Methos cared even less.

He found Methos' opening by instinct, not wanting to release him long enough use his hands to guide himself and thrust almost savagely into the man. Methos let out a howl of pain and would have jumped away if it hadn't been for Mac's strong grip on his hips and his teeth still in his neck. Mac held him firmly in place, the head of his cock nestled securely in Methos' heat, waiting for him to adjust to its presence.

Methos panted, the sharp pain fading as his body accepted the thickness. Mac was bigger then he thought. And not as well lubricated as he'd like. Not that he minded. In fact. . .with a grunt, Methos pushed back insistently, feeling Mac thrust to meet him.

Mac relaxed onto Methos' back, letting him take most of his weight. His arms slid around the slender chest, holding the Old Man close, and positioned his knees to get a better purchase on the straw beneath them. With short, quick thrusts, he worked his way deeper into the man beneath him, feeling Methos moving back to meet him.

Methos moaned as more and more of him opened to this man. It had a very long time since he'd been a willing partner to a man; he'd almost forgotten what it felt like. Mac loosened his hold on Methos' shoulder and licked his way to the slender neck. Methos whimpered as that clever tongue sought out the tautness of his throat and followed the lines of tension to his cheek.

With a swift movement, Methos turned his head, to capture Mac's mouth with his own, drawing him into a deep kiss. Only then did he realized that Mac had stop moving, that he could feel curly pubic hair against his ass and knew that Mac had entered him fully.

"Mine." Mac murmured into the kiss. He pulled back slightly, his eyes dancing with a mixture of lust and laughter. "My mare."

Methos felt a thrill run through him and he smiled back. "Yours." He agreed thickly. He rolled his head to rest his cheek against Mac's, adding in a whisper. "Always was yours. You just had to claim me."

MacLeod's arms tightened, one hand slipping downward to wrap firmly around Methos' dripping cock. Slowly, he drew himself out, slamming back into that tight heat. Methos let out a sound of pleasure that sounded suspiciously like a whinny and pushed back to met him. Together they found their rhythm, panting and crying out in wild pleasure.

Methos, celibate since Alexa died and for some time before that, reached his peak first. Thrusting hard into Mac's tight grip, he stiffened, his body shuddering as he came. Mac grunted as muscles tightened and rippled around him and he joined his new lover in ecstasy, their cries of pleasure echoing each other. Finally spent, they fell together, Mac twisting his body enough so that they landed on their sides, still joined, Mac's arms wrapped securely around Methos' middle.

Methos was the first to move, laughing softly to himself. Mac opened his eyes and blinked at Methos then followed his eyes to see Galahad's head draped over the wall, snorting and sniffing at them curiously.

"You realize, of course, that if Galahad decides he like boys better then girls, Eve will kill us both."

"Nah. I'll just hurt you severely." Eve stood in the doorway, leaning against the doorjamb with a casualness reminiscent of Methos himself. Cassandra stood next to her, white-faced with shock.

Methos blinked at them both in happy contentment. "It was worth it." He wiggled back against Mac, feeling the thick hardness still nestled within him. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"We could hear you screaming clear up to the house. She figured Mac was torturing you. Having traveled with you, I figured he was screwing you senseless. You could have gone to your bedroom, y'know. It is soundproof."

"We were just showing Galahad how it was done."

"Uh-huh. Is it my imagination or is he eyeing Excalibur? Clarise is going to kill you."

"Let her. It was still worth it."

"Duncan!" Cassandra finally spoke up in a strangled voice. "What are you doing?"

Mac tossed his hair out of the way and blinked at her then looked at the man still nestled in his arms. He gave an experimental thrust of his hips and Methos let out a mewling noise, arching his head back and stretching with pleasure.

"Getting ready for a second go, I should think."

"Duncan. . gawk!" Cassandra was jerked off balance as Eve grabbed a thick handful of her hair and yanked her off-balance.

"Come along, witch. The boys are busy and I'm sure Joe is getting tired of studying the paving stones. Just keep it down, you two." She dragged Cassandra from the barn.

Not that the two men, already deep in their lovemaking, noticed.

The End?

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