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Last Updated: July 22, 2007

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An update! (Okay, stop fainting and read on. And stop snickering as well.) After some time of no writing, I have returned to fandom with a vengence. I'm in the middle of a new series called V - The Outrider Chronicles, will be doing a rewrite of V - The Emergents, and am looking into writing the sequel to MOONBANE (sorry, this is a hardcopy story only (a Counterstrike/ Manimal/War of the Worlds crossover) and can be found for sale at Neon Rainbow Press).

Here you will find my multi-universe series (The Wild Hunt, The Conclave Tales, and The Kirien Chronicles...not ready as yet too post), as well as my other fan fiction stories (The Pretender, The Highlander, V-The Emergents, V-The Outrider Chronicles and my Miscellaneous fan fiction (PREY, Friday the 13 the Series, Crossovers, and Plot? What Plot?) and my Original Tales (Wolf and Psi and The Nexus Tales...not yet ready for posting).

Also please visit my other sites: Fanficweb (my main page) and The Fan Fiction Directory, (material from The Pretender Adult Fan Fiction Archives can be found elsewhere while material that previously appeared in the Space: Above and Beyond Creative Work Centre are now appearing at the The S:AAB FanFic Flightdeck). I'm also involved in three virtual series: Space: Above and Beyond, The Pretender, and Profiler.

And lastly, please tell a friend about this site, and, by all means, email me.