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Last Updated: April 23, 2005

Multi-Universe Series

What is a multi-universe series? Well, a multi-universe series is one that combines several different fandoms.

The Conclave Tales

The first series I started ala S:AAB. The Gryphips originally appeared in a Babylon 5 story but didn't work very well there. They seem to work fine here. This series is not really a multi-universe series as Space: Above and Beyond is the only fandom appearing in this series, at least at this time.

The Kirien Chronicles

This series delves more into the alien side of this story and brings the 58th face-to-face with the suspicion that maybe the Chigs hadn't really started this war. Who's in the right? Who's in the wrong? Or maybe there isn't a right and wrong where this war is concerned. . .

Like all of my series, this one will jump around. The first tale will be a tale of a battle that took place 900 years ago, the second will either be a story that takes place some three years after Earth's war with the Chigs began or a tale that occurs during the cease fire.

In this series, the Conclave has become the Confederation and the focus is more on the aliens. The Timnor and the Ish'Kiri (from The Conclave Tales) are mentioned but are not as prominent in this series. Some stories originally slated for The Wild Hunt have moved into this series, where they work much

This series will include the following fandoms: Space: Above and Beyond, Dark Angel, Highlander, Puppetmaster, with mentions of: The Sentinel.

The Wild Hunt



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