What if there were aliens already on Earth before the Visitors arrived?
Book One consists of 12 parts, 4 interludes and 1 xxx-rated interlude. The xxx-rated interlude can only be reached via a link on Book One's front page and through a link at the end of Part 7. If you don't want to read it, you don't have to and the only way you will read it is if you click on the link to the interlude.

Sometimes I have to go back and add new sections. They will be indictated with a white background, like this one. Since Book One is 'closed', it is doubtful there will be any new scenes but you never know. As you may notice, there is the potential for preludes and interludes listed to the right.

Words that look like this are Confederation words.
Words that looks like this are being spoken in a Confederation language.

WARNINGS: This is a work in progress, which means that every now and then new material will be added to parts already written, though I do try to avoid that. I prefer to just add interludes and preludes.

This tale contains graphic violence and strong language. While this not a slash story, it does have slash content (nothing graphic except in well-marked interludes) so if you are offended by the slightest hint of a sexual relationship between members of the same sex, you might not want to read this.

Only some parts of this story have been beta-read (by Linda R.). Any mistakes you see are my own.

Part One
"You should be dead!"
"If I were … human, I … would be."'

Part Two
“There are times when I don’t like my people very much.”

Part Three
"First time, he broke my arm. Second time, he broke my jaw."

Part Four
Caleb: "Sancho’ll be here as soon as he figures out how to get out of bed. Something about the floor being too far away."
Julie: "He sleeps on a mattress on the floor!"
Caleb: "So you see the problem."

Part Five
"With all that at home, what the hell are you doing here?"

Part Six)
"Fontana's bringing in the supplies."
"Damn! We'll have to hide the women and put chastity belts on the sheep!"
"He likes men too.

Part Seven
"Our ancestors ran on all fours and bayed at the moon."

A mindless sex scene with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Part Eight
Chris: "The Taz are a sneaky and devious people."
Robert: "That helps explain why the
Barbarosian like them."
Ham: "We like cats, too."
Robert: "Well, that's a given."

"Not that thirty minutes wouldn't be enough time ... barely ... but one doesn't like to rush these things ..."

Part Nine
"Why else would the Visitors travel so far for something so abundant throughout the universe?"

Next incarnation she was coming back as a …. a cyber-porpoise!

Part Ten
"Claws, boots. A bad combination. Almost as bad as claws and sheets."

Part Eleven
"First they'd take our claws. Then ..."

Part Twelve
"You might want to tell your people that if a red fox comes sauntering into camp, they shouldn't shoot at him. He might shoot back."

"Is Coyote really in St. Louis?"
"Actually, last I heard he was in New York, along with, Trinity help us all, Herself."

"Then who am I? The human, Ham Tyler? Or Komees Ihn'e, the Barbarosian?"

End Notes
Just some odds and ends

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In the Works for Book One:

Prelude 1: Ham Tyler meets with the London Resistance.
Prelude 2: Ham and Chris meet the LA Resistance for the first time.
Interlude: relate to parts five/six and deal with Ham/Chris in 'Nam.

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