Cast of Characters

Names in burgundy indicate an original character, names in blue indicate a character from another fandom.

In Order of Appearence

Maggie Blodgett (Denise Galik-Furey) - Ran a small aviation company with her husband (now deceased) before the Visitors arrived.

Ham Tyler (Michael Ironside) - Vietnam veteran. Worked for an unnamed 'shadow' agency before the Visitors arrived; an agency that made good use of his truly unique abilities. AKA The Fixer (agency codename), Jaguar (South America), Danh tu (Vietnam). Real name: Komees Ihn'e s'tolqui o'Myraihhe d'Nirvana. AKA Kom

Chris Farber (Mickey Jones) - Vietnam veteran. Tyler's 'associate' and one of the few people still living who knows his secret. AKA Tank (Vietnam).

Mark Bradley (Sandy Simpson) - ex-cop, Maggie's boyfriend.

Caleb Tayler (Jason Bernard) - former construction worker who turned to the Resistance when his older son was killed.

Sancho Gomez (Rafael Campos) - former gardner, now Resistance fighter.

Natalie Barnes - Resistance member.

Mike Donovan (Marc Singer) - Vietnam veteran turned news correspondent. Did a number of stories on Tyler and his 'shadow' work but never once picked up on Tyler's biggest secret. AKA Gooder (used by Tyler only)

Juliet Parrish (Faye Grant) - Leader of the LA Resistance

Robert Maxwell (Michael Durrell) - anthropologist turned resistance fighter.

Father Andrew Doyle (Thomas Hill) - An old-fashioned Irish Catholic priest who happens to be very handy with a gun.

Harmony Moore (Diane Civita) - Resistance member, also a pacifist

William 'Willie' (Robert Englund) - A Visitor, held captive by the LA Resistance

Elias Tayler (Michael Wright) - Caleb's son, former street thief, now resistance member.

Jake Hansen - Resistance member

Rico Jones (Henry Kingi) - Vietnam veteran. Was in the same company as Tyler and Chris but in a different platoon.

Martin (Frank Ashmore) - A Visitor, member of the Fifth Column.

Polly Maxwell (Viveka Davis) - Robert's middle daughter, an eleven-year-old tomboy.

Fontana (Andrew Prine) - A Barbarosian smuggler. Real name: Hem'sha'ree

Robin Maxwell - Robert's oldest daughter, seventeen years old.

Katie Maxwell - Robert's youngest daughter, three years old.

Alice Reynolds - Resistance fighter and Chris' girlfriend. In charge of supplies.

Linda McReady - LA Resistance communications expert

Diana - Chief Science Officer of the Visitor Fleet

Steven - Chief Security Office of the Visitor Fleet.

Sean Donovan - Donovan's son.

Eleanor Depres - Donovan's mother

Miranda Jamison - the Depres' housekeeper.

Johnny 'in New York' - a Barbarosian coordinating supplies brought to Earth. Ham's cousin.

Dorothea - Fontana's ship, along with Ully and Reginald, her 'mini-mes'.

Dr. Hannah Donnenfield - of the New York Resistance, 'White Christmas'.

Pete Nichols - leader of the Playa Del Mar Resistance

Luke Tanner - member of Playa Del Mar Resistance

Susan Lee - member of Playa Del Mar Resistance

Paul Leans - the LA Resistance's mechanic

Ian - jack-of-all-trades

Nick Lenner -

Pamela - Visitor military commander

Characters Mentioned but not appearing (yet)

Tom 'in Mississippi' - a Barbarosian, left Earth 'to rejoin his Trinity' shortly after the Visitors arrived. Ham's cousin.

William 'in Switzerland' - a Barbarosian, still on Earth. Ham's mother's father and the Guild Master of the Confederation's Smugglers Guild.

Allan 'in Africa' - A Barbarosian, still be on Earth. Ham's father's father. Known to the local people as 'Simba' or Lion.

Animal - One of Donovan's media-related informants, real name unknown. (from the 1970's show LOU GRANT)

Ras Tyger/Lord Tyger (Ron Perlman) - A Barbarosian Low Giant, previously residing in India but no longer on Earth. Stands well over eight feet tall.

Ruby - Resistance member. Deceased.

Major Glenn Barker - Ham's former commanding officer in 'Nam, later his 'handler' in the unnamed 'shadow' agency he worked for. Deceased.

Renee Taylor - Caleb's sister. Deceased.

Linn - Ham's Vietnamese wife. Deceased.

Nefti - Ham's younger sister, working with the Bedouin Resistance in Egypt.

Gator - A Barbarosian, working with the Bayou Resistance. Ham's cousin.

Rik - A Barbarosian, working with the Bedouin Resistance in Egypt. Nefti's partner.

Wolf - A Barbarosian and a member of the Four Quarters, believed to be in Rome. Related to Ham in some obscure way.

Blackie - Apparently a Barbarosian, whom everyone hopes will never appear on Earth.

Myraihhe (Myra) - Ham's mother, administrator to the planet Nirvana.

Joachim (Chim) - Ham's twin brother.

Kimke (Kim) - Ham's father, a spacer dutied to an explorer ship that vanished some thirteen years ago.

Pular Singe - one of Ham's fellow cadets, of the Prih'enshi (Ratkind) species.

Oded - a Barbarosian Treean

The Piper - a supposedly mythic being, along with his counterparts, The Singer and The Dancer. Said to be in Australia.

Coyote - a member of the Four Quarters, rumored to be on Earth.

Hawk - a former member of the Four Quarters, rumored to be on Earth.

Willie Garvin - formerly a thug then right-hand man to Modesty Blaise when she ran the criminal organization, the Network. Now works with her heading Great Britian's resistance. (from the Modesty Blaise books and comic strips)

Durelle - Member of a Canadian Biker gang

Peterson - bystander

London Resistance - the base of the London Resistance is in the Grace Brothers Department Store. The core consists of: Mr. Humphries, Mr. Lucas, Mr. Goldberg, Captain Peacock, Miss Brahms, Mrs. Slocomb, Mr. Harmon, and Miss Belfridge.

Alago - A Deity

'Herself' - what she is is unknown but said to be with Coyote

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