What if there were aliens already on Earth before the Visitors arrived?

About The Outrider Chronicles
The Outrider Chronicles starts during the V:The Final Battle; after Julie is rescued but before the raid on the water plant and goes in a totally different direction then the mini-series does (the series doesn't even come into it). NOTE: the Random Quotes, Phrases, and Tidbits to the right are subject to change but they are fun to read. To see new quotes, just hit refesh. More will be added as the story progresses.

For the curious, I've been asked where this version of Ham Tyler came from. I can safely say that he sprang full-blown from my imagination (which says something about my imagination that I don't particularly want to dwell on). However, I will concede that the basis for him comes from my firmly held belief that Michael Ironside would, and still could, make an excellent Wolverine (Marvel Comics/X-Men). Especially with that smile ...

Sometimes I have to go back and add new sections. They will be indictated with a white background, like this one.

Newest updates (11/26/2007): Updated Book One. This is now the final version.

WARNINGS: This is a work in progress, which means that every now and then new material will be added to parts already written, though I do try to avoid that. I prefer to just add interludes and preludes.

This tale contains graphic violence and strong language. While this not a slash story, it does have slash content (nothing graphic except in well-marked interludes) so if you are offended by the slightest hint of a sexual relationship between members of the same sex, you might not want to read this.

Book One
Consists of 12 parts, 4 interludes and 1 xxx-rated interlude. The xxx-rated interlude can only be reached via a link on Book One's front page and through a link at the end of Part 7. If you don't want to read it, you don't have to and the only way you will read it is if you click on the link to the interlude.

Book Two
Picks up approximately two days after Book One ended.

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