Resistance Headquarters (movie town)

The numbers in the primary LA Resistance headquarters fluctuate. There can be anywhere from forty-seven to one hundred and twenty residents at one time. While children are present in the camp, they try to find safe havens for anyone under the age of thirteen elsewhere.

This was a former ghost town rebuilt for making movies years ago. While the outside of the buildings and a couple of the major buildings are in fairly good shape, most are in need of repair.

Church - an old fashioned church that had been in very bad repair.

Dorms - two old metal construction trailers used as dorms, though more and more people are moving into buildings as they are repaired.

Feed Store -

General Store - Used to store extra clothes and other essential items. Also contains the washers and dryers.

Hotel - Now acts as the women's dorm.

Infirmary - the mock doctor's office has been turned into the infirmary and research area. Willie has a room upstairs that has been fixed up and that has a sturdy lockable door. Harmony has a room downstairs off the main room.

Saloon - the war room, complete with bar, several round tables and wooden chairs. A TV has been set into the wall above the bar. There is a kitchen in the back, mostly nonfunctioning, though a working refrigerator has been added. A room in the back is used as an office, mainly to lock away important items and sensitive documents. The upstairs had been trashed over the years, though some people have been working at fixing it up to use as bedrooms.

Stable - Tyler and Farber have an RV parked inside the stable and use the lower floor as a combination work/rec area. Entering the stable, the RV is to the right while long tables line the back wall and the stalls to the left. The open area contains a battered entertainment center with a TV and VCR, a legless sofa and an easy chair, along with some lawn chairs (normally folded up in one of the stalls). A locked cabinet is in another stall, where Ham keeps things he uses but doesn't want to keep in the RV (as he doesn't want to keep disturbing Chris and Alice to retrieve them). A ladder leads up to a loft where a small room has been formed out of hay bales, which is where Ham (and Fontana) sleep.

Storeroom - a sturdy metal shed used to secure the weapons. Formerly locked with a padlock, Julie switched it to a combination lock once it became apparent that Fontana (and probably Ham) could pick the padlock.

Whorehouse - the lounge area of the whorehouse has been fixed up as the informal living room of the town, complete with comfortable furniture and a working fireplace. The kitchen is fully functional and is used to cook buffet-style meals. Tables have been set up in the parlor entry.

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