Confederation Phrases

Some phrases may be confusing due to the fact that the Confederation has three seperate offical languages (Trade, Common, High (or Formal)) plus dozens of other languages spoken by the various member species. Even more confusing is the fact that the same word (or a very similar sounding word) can mean different things in different languages. An example would be the word Komeesee, which means heart in Common Confederation while komees means wolf in Barbarosian.

Not all words listed will be explained as yet but they have been mentioned so I am listing them here. Items that are italized are things that Ham and Robert have discussed but that have not actually been told in the story.

Barbaros = a planet, part of a confederation of planets.

Barbarosian = species that originated on the planet Barbaros. The term Barbarosian actually covers a number of humanoid species, all descended from the same base stock (the common claim is that this base stock is feline/lupine in nature). There are eight races: Avian, Dwarf, Elf, Giant, Myr, Rov'r, Selkie, and Treean.

Chi'tok = a non-Confederation alien species that resembles large four-legged, four-armed insects.

Confederation = a confederation of planets

Cronum = described as the heart of the Confederation

Deities = For convenience sake, Ham uses this term to refer to The Four Quarters

Dimra = Healer

Divinities = For convenience sake, Ham uses this term to refer to the Gods and Goddesses.

Ehtik = small foxlike animal native to Barbaros, famous for its ability to evade capture and escape from impossible situations.

Firedancers =

Four Quarters, The = Something that Xon was a member of. The Four Quarters has something to do with the Barbarosian religion. It is also the primary martial arts among the Barbarosian.

Shaman Warrior Element Primary Abilities
Phoenix Dragon Air Flight
Coyote Wolf Earth Varies
Ounce Dakeera Fire Pyrokinetics
Sable Kirien Water Teleportation

Ihn = means eye in Barbarosian

Ihn'e = plural of ihn.

Ish'Kiri = a Confederation alien species

Kindard = family, whether biological, adopted, or chosen, not always of the same species.

Kirien = a) a Confederation species that lives on the planet Rathorn. b) a member of the Four Quarters

Kitlings = a species of humanoid sentient cats, rarely taller then three feet. They use various breeds of Earth dogs for mounts.

Komees = means wolf in Barbarosian

Komees Ihn'e s'tolqui o'Myraihhe d'Nivana = Ham's real name. Komees (Wolf) Ihn'e (Eyes (the 'e indicates a plural) s'tolqui (son) o' (of) Myraihhe d' (to (home world)) Nivana

Komessee = means heart in Common Confederation

Komessee Iishai = means 'heart sibling' in Common Confederation.

Kuta = herb used for medical purposes

N'iishai = sister

Nivana = a colony world of Barbaros. The name means 'green' in Common Confederation. It has three moons.

Phrashi = A particularly nasty slang word for a Visitor

Prin = Planet Administrator

Prin Nivana = The title for the administrator of the planet Nivana.

Rathorn = a) a planet, b) a sentient species that lives on the planet Rathorn, c) what Confederation warships are called.

Rhi'sar = deer-like animal native to Nivana, similiar to an Earth sable.

S'iishai = brother

Shikito = a methane-breathing non-Confederation alien species. They are very fond of pickle juice (and pickles).

Sslisslik = a Confederation reptillian species.

Spacer = a term used by the Confederation for people who were born in space (not a common occurance).

Sweet Trinity = A common Confederation oath. Also Trinity Bless, Trinity Curse, Trinity Preserve.

Taz = a sentient species that the Visitors are afraid of. Described as having sharp teeth and bad attitudes.

Three-faced Deity, The =

Tolqui = child. Pronunced toll'kwi.

Treean = The tailed and furred Barbarosian race.

Trinity =

Trinity medallion =

Unicorn = What Confederation Arbitrator (or peacekeeping) ships are called.

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