(Things that Ham has told Robert)

Barbarosians are capable of very short but very fast bursts of speed, never more then thirty yards distance and often have to rest afterwards. On the other hand, they can run at a steady pace for a very long distance and for a very long time.

Barbarosian read the first sentence left-to-right then the next sentence right-to-left as well as reading books length-wise so the split is halfway down the page rather then reading one side then the other.

All Barbarosian learn a childhood language called packspeak as well their own language, the three Confederation languages (trade, common, high), and a common sign language.

The Common Confederation and Barbarosian languages are remarkably alike.

The same words can appear in all three Confederation languages but often mean vastly different things.

The Confederation has three military academies, each housed on their own planet. Each has their own language, often called cadet cant or battlespeak. (Note: there are also cadets who attend these academies who are not affiliated with any particular one. Their cadet colors are lavender.) Cadets often switch between academies until they find the one they are comfortable with. The three academies are:

A being that is considered a God to one species can often appear as a minor deity or saint in another species' religion and visa versa.

Among the Barbarosian, all of a woman's children are considered full siblings (no matter who the father) while their biological father's children by other women are considered half-siblings.

'Cousin' is the most commonly used manner of addressing members of species other then your own.

The Taz is the only species known who can go anywhere fully armed, even into peace talks. No being who has attempted to disarm a Taz has ever survived to tell the tale (or, for that matter, ever been found, at least not intact).

More then one Taz in the same location is often referred to as a Terror. More then one Hund is a Horror. More then one Kitling can be known as a Chaos, a Coven, or a Clutter, depending on the circumstances.

Confederation ships travel in groups of nine. A group of Rathorn ships is called a Rage. A group of Unicorn ships is called a Serenity.

Freighter ships, known as Clydesdales, travel in a Calm (although their numbers vary).

The Hoag-tash is considered the most sentient species in the known universe, despite the fact that only one member of the species has ever been found. And s/he has no hands (yet). Nor can they communicate without aid. (Ever see those SUV commercials with the Esuvee as an animal? Enlarge that to roughly elephant-size, give it two more legs, a third 'cyclops'-type eye, a very long tail, and two huge saber teeth and you have a rough idea of what the Hoag-tash looks like.)

There is a Confederation law that the Hoag-tash is to never be taken into space. The common theory for this law is that the general populous is afraid that the Hoag-tash will subvert the crew, turn pirate and be running the universe within a couple centuries. Not actually a bad thing but ...

The founding species of the Confederation consists of the Barbarosian, the Ish'kiri, and the Minotaur.

Every Confederation planet, ship, and space station has a Legacy House. Several of their allies have one as well.

Legacy Houses are considered woman's world, where no male may go. It is the only place in the known universe where it can be certain that any Taz present is female. NOTE: Neuter sexes are considered female.

It is illegal to own Rathorn or Kirien ivory without the express permission of the being it comes from.

The Rathorns are the only sentient species that can legally kill and consume other sentient beings but only if said sentient being is trespassing outside the Safe Zone on their planet. (However Rathorns can have a very loose definition of the borders of the Safe Zone, as anyone stupid enough to jokingly stick a limb over the defining chains has discovered. Along with how fast the Rathorns can move.)

Rathorns cannot travel in space as they are unable to cope with space travel and tend to continually fall down.

Barbarosian joke (after a very hectic, danger-filled day)

Barbarosian: "I'm thinking of moving somewhere nice and quiet."
Shikito: "Like maybe Rathorn?"
Barbarosian: "You're just saying that because you're inedible!"

The Rathorn species is the only sentient species that can legally consume other sentient beings. Shikito are a methane-breathing species whose bodies dissolve on contact with oxygen and/or water. Hence, they are inedible and often work on the planet Rathorn. (This does not, however, stop the Rathorn from killing any trespassing Shikito. They just can't eat them.)

Barbarosians tend to adopt the oddest creatures. So far, from Earth, they have acquired:

And a few more, not yet to be revealed. Many of these are the products of experiments by Earth scientists that were rescued by various Barbarosians and sent to various planets to live.

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