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Jarod and Steve

Jarod is a Pretender, stolen from his family as a child.
Now he may have found his family, a lover. . .and even more secrets.

James and George

(takes place some three years after FAMILY TREE)
Steve's brother, James, finds himself a lover and takes a chance at finding his own happiness.

Family Ties
not yet written

Jarod is a brilliant man, a Pretender, capable of being whatever he wanted to be so when he's faced with the pesky impossibility of having children with his male lover, he decides to find a way. A method of combining their genes to create the children they both wanted. But then that method is stolen. . .

Misc Information

The Roberts House
Moore Manor

For the reader's information: the FAMILY TREE story has the green border, the Interlude 1 segments has the red border and snow leopard picture, and Interlude 2 segments has the blue border and the Centre picture. FAMILY IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT has the orange/brown borders and icons.

The character of Steve Horne is not totally mine. The idea for Steve came from the character of James Horne (actually spelt Horn but I like this spelling better) that appeared on the Millennium episode Dead Letters. The concept of Mooreland first appeared in a role-playing game in the late 1980s, as did the Roberts House and the Moore Manor and are totally mine. Celtic Wolfhounds are fictional but are based loosely on Irish Wolfhounds and are, again, mine.

The names Medb and Finn come from Celtic mythology. Other references in the series include:
One Foot in the Grave by Wm. Mark Simmons
Dracula by Bram Stroker
The Kencyrath Chronicles by P.C. Hodgell
Honor Harrington series by David Weber
Ellery Queen series by Ellery Queen
Garrett series by Glen Cook

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