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Last Updated: April 22, 2005

Gary's Friends

The original Rikki was nothing more than a brightly colored rag doll Alvin cobbled together but, while on the mining planet, it was Gary's constant companion. This Rikki was presumed lost when they left the planet. The current version of Rikki was given to Gary by Twonky.

Now that Gary knows about the numerous Rikkis, there is no need to keep them looking identical. So the Rikkis have gradually been acquiring their own personalities. Here is a list of Gary's current "friends".

Pirate Rikki: This Ricci lost an eye to some mishap or another and acquired an eye patch. Later, it was discovered that Jabber (a Beanie Baby) was just the right size to sit on this Rikki's shoulder or rather be sown onto it. A bandanna on the head was added at a later date.

Rikki with the Birthmark: Actually, this one sat in some blue paint so now he has a birthmark on his butt. Twonky sometimes refers to this one as "Patchy Butt" or Patchy Ass", depending on his mood

The Last Waltz
by Malcolm Mcclinton
Used with permission 2000

Rikki with the broken arm: Gary fell and broke his arm and, on the way down, landed on this Rikki. So, of course, this Rikki now has a broken arm and wears a cast.

Ty-Rikki: Formerly the Rikki with the Burnt Leg. Twonky got churlish one day and amputated the burnt leg (with Gary safely out of the room, of course). He then fashioned a artificial leg and presented it to Gary as "Ty-Rikki". (This occurred not long after McQueen explained to Gary about his artificial leg.) Needless to say, Twonky made it a point to be far away during McQueen's next few visits.

Angry Angel Rikki (formerly Air-sick Rikki): Gary once claimed this Rikki got air-sick. He used to demonstrate this by tossing said Rikki across the room when he got angry or frustrated. One day this Rikki mysteriously appeared with a pair of wings stitched to it's back and a miniature Angry Angel beret stitched to it's head. Twonky swears he had nothing to do with it. Now that he has wings, this Rikki no longer gets air-sick.

Wet-suit Rikki: Alvin had this Rikki especially made so that Gary could take a bath with Rikki. He looks identical to the other Rikkis but is made of water-proof material. He wears a wetsuit complete with fins, lifejacket, mask and snorkel (all removable).

All total, I'd say there are at least nine Rikkis and quite possibly more than twelve. If you have an idea for a Rikki, feel free to Send Email and tell me about it.

Besides the ever present Rikkis, Gary has accumulated several other friends.

Li'l Badger: This stuffed animal was a Christmas gift from Ross. It is the size of a real badger and looks very much like one as well. Later, Ross had an Angry Angel beret made and sent it to Alvin to put on Li'l Badger. Needless to say, after McQueen found out about that, Ross made it a point to stay out of his way for several days.

Ty-Dye Bear: A large bear, originally white and now tie-dye in a complete Angry Angel outfit, given to Gary from the Wild Cards. Are we surprised that they all made it a point to stay way out of his way for a few weeks after they gave Gary the bear to the point of filing any reports through O'Rielly?

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