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Please note: the majority of the material listed below can be considered SPOILERS as characters and places are listed that have not yet appeared and may not appear at all. If you don't want to be spoiled, then go no further. Everything in this glossary is subject to change without notice. I will be adding definitions on and off as I am able.

The Last Waltz

by Malcolm Mcclinton
Used with permission 2000

Anarchies, The - the forest running along the foot of the Ebonbane on the planet Kirien.

Deuces Wild - a bar that caters primarily to bi-sexuals.

Ebonbane, The - a range of mountains, running across the main continent of Kirien and cutting off the peninsula where the Wild Hunt lives.

Ever-quick, The - a river running through the Anarchies.

Rathorn (planet) -

New Minyaka - A small village in the Australian Outback. It was found to be abandoned in 2015 and never repopulated. On a side-note, the former inhabitants seem to have vanished.

Pool Hall, The - This is located on the Bacchus and is owned by Alvin.

River Silver, The - the longest river on Kirien, starting in the Ebonbane.

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