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Please note: the majority of the material listed below can be considered SPOILERS as characters and places are listed that have not yet appeared and may not appear at all. If you don't want to be spoiled, then go no further. Everything in this glossary is subject to change without notice. I will be adding definitions on and off as I am able.


The Last Waltz

by Malcolm Mcclinton
Used with permission 2000

Adrian - Barkeep and owner of the Deuces Wild.  He is a big man, maybe six-foot-four, broad-shouldered with dark-blond hair and dark blue eyes. *pic* *spoilers*

Alvin (MBK , CTOTB ) - An Artificial Intelligence that runs the Pool Hall on the Bacchus. Alvin was never exposed to the virus and somehow gained free will in an as yet undisclosed manner. He has taken care of Gary for over fifteen years. *pic*

Baldwin Five, The - Five identical InVitro batch-siblings currently serving with the Furies. They range from 5-foot-six to five-foot-seven with short auburn hair, green eyes and a variety of freckles. Often referred to as a "pack of playful puppies" by their flight crew.

Baldwin, Major Friday - The Furies' Honcho. Call Sign: Nike

Baldwin, Captain Monday -

Baldwin, Lt. Thursday -

Baldwin, Lt. Tuesday -

Baldwin, Lt. Wednesday -

Carl - *pic*

Damphousse, Lt. Vanessa - *pic*

Gary - McQueen's genetic brother, severely brain-damaged in an mining accident less then six months out of the tank. Gary has the mental ability of a six-year-old but possesses a wild imagination and an inborn painting ability. *pic*

Fraley, George (IAAF ) - *pic*

Hawkes, Lt. Cooper - *pic*

Hawkes, Lt. Kestrel - an Australian InVitro currently assigned to the Furies.

Horne, James S. (IAAF ) -

Horne, J. Steven "Steve" (IAAF ) - *pic*

Horne, Sable (IAAF ) -

Jacoby, Kathlyn - McQueen's ex-wife, a representative of IVU

Jaeckel, Lt. Remy - A member of the Wild Cards. Remy is, as he puts it, "part French, part Swahili, part Blackfoot, part Irish and all Cajun".

Jakular, Captain Malyal - An Australian Aborigine, assigned to the Furies.

Larsen, Lt. Piper -

Li'l Badger - a large toy badger given to Gary by Commodore Ross for Christmas.

Logan, Colonel Dyana - The Furies' CO *pic*

McQueen, Lt. Col. Tyrus "Ty or TC" Cassius - The Wild Cards' CO *pic*

O'Rielly, Rory - McQueen's aide.  He is a civilian who is not what he appears to be. *pic* *spoilers*

Ounce -Also known as the Mystery Man Clad in Black.

Rikki - a large white toy raccoon, Gary's constant companions. There are actually several different Rikkis which are switched as needed by Alvin.

Ross, Commodore Glen Van - Commodore of the Saratoga *pic*

Scorpio, Rohanna - Logan's aide

Talisman, Lt. Jamethial - *pic*

Vansen, Captain Shane - The Wild Cards' Honcho *pic*

West, Captain Nathan - *pic*

Wildeheart, Twonky - Barkeep and cook at The Pool Hall. *pic*

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