My Brother's Keeper

Webposted: August, 1996
Last Revised: Thursday, February 01, 2001

August 24, 1998
I did a very minor rewrite in the second part, right before the explosion. Bet no one can spot it.

This story takes place about seven months after McQueen's return to the Saratoga, and about thirteen months after the events of WE DONE OUR BEST. Rory O'Rielly, McQueen's aide, has been on the Saratoga since before McQueen was first assigned to the ship but, as is his habit, has been in the background all this time. The two new Wild Cards, Jamethial Talisman and Remy Jaeckel, came in shortly after McQueen returned to the ship.

This story has reference to male/male sex involving a brain-damaged individual and male/male gang rape.

This story has a missing scene that takes place in the third part.

On to the Story!!!

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