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Story Webposted: 8/25/98

December 5, 1998
Been redoing the site a bit. Changed some of the fonts. Got a new background. Yep, that's what Rory looks like. More or less. Let me know if the background obscures the text.

August 27, 1998
I was wondering, would it be worth writing the original version of this story, TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE? It would actually be the flipside of this story, told from Branson's point of view. Send Email if you'd like to see that story.

August 25, 1998
Well, this story ended up running a bit longer then expected and managed to surprise me totally. I started out writing this story from the viewpoint of a newcomer to the Saratoga but O'Rielly, in his own insistent way, took over and rewrote it the way he saw it. Don't expect much of the 58th here and McQueen appears for only a brief moment. This is soley an O'Rielly story.

By the way, for the interested, the character of Rory O'Rielly has nothing at all to do with Radar O'Reilly from M*A*S*H. Rory was created years ago for a very different purpose. When I needed a warm body to be McQueen's aide, I plucked him out of "retirement". My mistake. Rory promptly became much more then the space-filler he was supposed to be. I swear I never planned for this! (Of course, I never planned for any of this to end up a series either)

NOTE: This story is not beta-read! Expect an update once I find a beta-reader. Thank you.

Onto the story!!!!

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