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Please note: the majority of the material listed below can be considered SPOILERS as characters and places are listed that have not yet appeared and may not appear at all. If you don't want to be spoiled, then go no further. Everything in this glossary is subject to change without notice. I will be adding definitions on and off as I am able.

The Last Waltz
by Malcolm Mcclinton
Used with permission 2000


Once upon a time, Methos decided to leave the Horsemen, not a popular decision. On the run from his brothers and rightfully hated by all within the region, Methos stumbles onto a creature who would not only change his life forever but also offers him a unique chance at redemption. This story takes place around roughly 1000 BC.


A little tale about Methos' first post-Horseman marriage. It's very likely this tale will be incorporated into another story, probably the one below.

Lies, Love
and the

Lies, Love and the Loch Ness Monster was such a nifty title that I ended up coming up with a companion piece for this series. Is there a story that goes with it? Oddly enough, yes. But I will admit the title came first; the story slowly built up around it. I had no intention of writing a MacLeod/Methos first-time story but I think this is going to end up being it.

Methos invites Joe on a trip to his favorite "hiding" place. . .a tiny Australian village called New Minyaka where the legend of the Dragon-horse is actually a startling reality.


What happens when the Watchers discover that Watcher Adam Pierson and Immortal Duncan MacLeod are lovers? Not what they expected would happen, that's for sure!

It's All About Family

Jarod is a Pretender, stolen from his family as a child. Now he may have found his family, a lover. . .and even more secrets. This series contains FAMILY TREE and FAMILY TIES. Updated July 13, 1999


Three thousand years ago, Methos made a promise. Was it time for him to keep it, even if it meant his Immortal life?

Bad Tidings
New Beginnings

Twenty-plus years ago, Methos literally vanished. Years of determined searching by MacLeod and his loyal friends finally finds the ancient Immortal in a military research facility, where top secret experiments are being carried out. This story takes place in approx. 2021.

My Brother's

McQueen never looked for any possible siblings, afraid in part of what he'll find. So what happens when one is dumped literally in his lap?

This story introduces Gary, a brain-damaged InVitro in the custody of the AI, Alvin. It also, quite existentially, started a series that's grown bigger and bigger by the day and shows no signs of ever slowing. Minor secondary characters created just to fill out places and add extra voices suddenly have their own stories to tell. Completed. 3 parts. Revised 8/24/98.

There is a missing scene to this story and a couple of false beginnings.

Christmas Time on
the Bacchus

Just a little Christmas story that grew into a much bigger one. McQueen and the 58th join Gary for Christmas and McQueen learns more about the relationship between Alvin and Gary. And where is that pesky Twonky anyway? Completed. 2 parts. Revised 8/25/98

In the Rafters

A short, short (more of a scene that doesn't fit into a story (yet)) that ties into ALL IN A DAY'S WORK and explains a bit about the relationship between O'Rielly, Talisman and Jaeckel. It's recommended that you read ALL IN A DAY'S WORK first or this one will ruin the effect of that story.

How Ty Bear
Came to be


All in a
Day's Work

Formerly titled TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE and otherwise known as a day in the life of O'Rielly. Yes, Rory O'Rielly has some secrets of his own. . .and, boy, are they a doozy! This should be a relatively short story, maybe 3-4 pages long (ended up as 6 pages). Of course, I've said that before and now I'm on story four of a series with no end in sight. (Or beginning for that matter) Completed 8/25/98

Take One to Know One

Enough people have asked for this story, which is the original version of ALL IN A DAY'S WORK to convince me to write it. It tells the story from Bransons' viewpoint.


Everyone knows there were no InVitros in Australia. So how is it that, when a squad of new Australian fighting ships arrive on the Saratoga for field testing, there are six Australian InVitro pilots?


When Gary, Alvin and Twonky vanish, the last place McQueen figures to ever find them is on an alien planet. But that alien planet holds more secrets then anyone could ever guess at including the final fate of the Oldest Immortal and the truth about the first generation of InVitros.

There are a few more stories that don't have their slot yet. HONOR is one, LORDAN OF IVORY is another and it's possible that BLOOD AND IVORY may split into two or even three stories.

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