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1. Who exactly are you guys, and why are you here?

A: We’re just a group of fans who were disappointed when NBC canceled the series, and wanted to see it continue. This seemed to us to be the best way to do that. It’s a lot of work, but we’re willing because we love the program. Many of us are also fan fiction writers and have stories up on various fan fic sites.

2. When are the episodes posted?

A: On Saturday evenings, some time between 8pm and midnight, CST. (That's in the US -- overseas, your mileage may vary.) It’s difficult to be more exact than that, because many things can affect the timing, most having to do with that wonderful thing called Real Life.

3. Why do you show reruns during November and February?

A: Because November and February are traditional Sweeps months. (Sweeps are when American TV networks set their ad rates based on ratings -- so they trot out their best episodes and specials.) Our “parent” organization, Phoenix Virtual Television, asked us not to schedule new episodes during these periods, and we agreed. Besides, it gives new readers -- or those who have fallen behind -- a chance to play catch-up.

4. I tried to get the new episode, but the old one is still there. What should I do?

A: It’s possible that the episode simply hasn’t been posted yet. If you’re sure that it has been, try hitting the “Refresh” button; that usually works. If you still can’t find it, you may have to type the exact path into your browser. (You can get the exact path from our webmaster, Rayhne, on the VS mailing list -- send a post asking for it, if necessary.) This does happen to certain folks on a regular basis. We’re still not sure why, which is the reason we haven’t “fixed” the problem.

5. Hey, what happened to (episode title) in the archive? All I get is this message saying it will be rerun soon.

A: Our policy has always been to place an episode into the archive only after it has been run twice. This means that when a new episode is taken down after one week, it will be _unavailable_ until the next time it’s scheduled to be posted (i.e. rerun). Phoenix Virtual Television asked us to do this as a way of encouraging readers to read the episodes individually, instead of four or five at a time.

If you’re a new reader, or have been sick or out of town and want back episodes, *please* don’t ask us to send them to you. What you can do is ask the generous fans on the PretenderVS list to help you out. They’re a great group of people, and someone will almost certainly be able to provide what you need.

Just so you know, this policy was recently put to a vote by the members of the PretenderVS list, and was upheld by a majority.

6. Where do you get the graphics and pictures you use on the site? Can I borrow them?

A: The graphics connected with the web site itself are courtesy of Rayhne, our webmaster. The title graphics for individual episodes are created from scratch -- many by our marvelous graphics person, Toni, and a few by individual authors with graphics experience. A lot of hard work went into their creation, and we would ask you to respect our rights and not use them on any other site.

The pictures of the actors we “cast” were mainly found by surfing the web using their names (or the shows they’re in). They don’t “belong” to us, so we can’t regulate them… they’re used merely for illustrative purposes.

7. Why is your story arc so different from the TNT movie(s)?

A: When we started the Virtual Series, the tP community was still writing letters to TNT, and weren’t even sure they would pick up the show. And of course, we had no idea what direction the movies would take, even after they were confirmed. So, we decided on a story arc that we thought made sense, and followed it. Yes, we’ve gone in a different direction from Steve & Craig, but that’s part of the fun -- the VS is an original, not a retread of someone else’s ideas.

8. What is the PretenderVS mailing list, and why do you want me to join?

A: This was set up as a sounding board for fans/readers of the VS to discuss the characters and developing plots, in the same way that mailing lists for the broadcast series did. We, the staff of the VS, also contribute and regularly read the posts, so if you want to let the writers know how you feel about what we’ve done, this is the place. We encourage readers to post reviews of episodes on the mailing list as well. It’s also a great forum for discussion with other fans of tP about issues in the original series and the movies.

9. I want to write/beta-read for the VS. Can I?

A: We are not currently looking to add anyone to our organization. When this group was first put together shortly after tP was canceled, the staff members were chosen. Once we had the Season 5 story arc established, ranks were closed, and remain that way to prevent spoiler leaks.

10. Can I post your episodes/primer/FAQ on my fanfic site?

A: To put it delicately, this subject has come up before. Although we do not own the rights to The Pretender or its characters, the episodes and graphics are our creation, and belong to us. We respectfully request that you place a link or banner on your site instead, one that will take visitors to the official VS site. We’ve put a lot of work into this, and would like new readers to find the VS this way.

If we do find that you have placed any of our material on your site without permission, we will ask you to remove it.

11. Who’s the best person to contact if I have a question?

A: Depends what that question is. If you look under the “Staff” listing on the website, you’ll find e-mail addresses for each of the company members. If you have a specific problem or compliment, you can write to them privately about it. You can also post your comments on the PretenderVS mailing list.

One place where you should NOT post your questions (if you want a timely answer) is in the Guestbook. While we appreciate your signing in and giving us your comments, we don’t check it as often as we do our e-mail. You might end up waiting a long time.

12. What is PVT and how are you connected to them?

A: Phoenix Virtual Television is a private website where canceled television shows have been resurrected via the medium of fan fiction to carry on their storylines. Links are available to many virtual series, as well as a few original series and spin-offs. When The Pretender was canceled by NBC, our group decided to continue the series under the umbrella of PVT, though strictly speaking we are not a part of their group. They simply provide the organizational structure for these resurrected shows to be continued.

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