Amanda "Amy" Langston-McQueen

Played by: Andrea Thompson

Name: Amanda Langston-McQueen
Date of Birth: Aug. 6 2029
Place of Birth: ?, ?, United States of America
Place of Residence: Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Known Relatives: Father (Thomas E. Langston III, senator), Mother (Audrey Steinbeck-Langston, author), and Brother Joseph Langston, lawyer)
Rank: N/A
Serial Number: N/A
Callsign: N/A
Current Posting: N/A

Biographical Notes:

Amy McQueen was raised by affluent, respected parents and had the best of everything. While she is well-educated and has traveled extensively, she has led a rather sheltered life.

After graduating from Wellsley with a degree in political science, she went to work for her father. While attending a VIP reception at Loxley with the Senator, she met her ex-husband. Major McQueen was somewhat reluctant to converse with the Senator's daughter when she approached him, but Amy's intelligence and openness won him over.

After a brief courtship (3 months), they were married by the base chaplain. Amy's father, mindful of his public image, disowned his daughter. The family was shocked by her indiscretion with an InVitro.

Although warned about the bigotry she would face as the wife of a "Tank", Amy was unprepared for the reality of the cruelty. She was unable to find a job or make friends. The strain led to arguments and resentments in her marriage. The event that caused her to file for divorce was an attempted assault onbase. She never told McQueen of the attack.

Alone and unable to find work in politics, she went back to school and became a physical therapist. When contacted by her cousin, Dale Steinbeck, she gladly accepted a job.