Jeremy Beckwith

Played by: Morgan Freeman

Name: Jeremy Beckwith
Date of Birth: Aug. 23, 2004
Place of Birth: Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America
Known Relatives: Wife (Meghan Johnson Beckwith, US District Attorney), Son (Jeremy Jr., US Navy pilot), Son (Frederick D., in law school), and three grandchildren
Rank: General, United States Marine Corps
Serial Number: N/A
Callsign: N/A
Current Posting: USS Saratoga SCVN-2812

Biographical Notes:

Jeremy Beckwith was born on August 23, 2004 in Memphis, Tennessee. He joined the United States Marine Corps after graduation from pre-law studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville in 2026. He has had a long and distinguished career as a military attorney and later as a judge.

Beckwith has a reputation as a tough judge who hands down stiff sentences to people convicted in his courtroom. Now 59 years old with almost 38 years of service in the Marine Corps, Beckwith is nearing retirement. It is rumored that he hopes for appointment to a Federal bench once he returns to civilian life. He is a noted authority on both US and UN military law.

Beckwith and his wife, US District Attorney Meghan Johnson Beckwith, have two sons, Jeremy Jr., a US Navy pilot, and Frederick D., currently in law school, and three grandchildren.