George Blaire

Played by: Bradley Whitford

Name: George Blaire
Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Birth: ?, ?, United States of America
Place of Residence: ?, ?, United States of America
Known Relatives: Ex-wife (Denice Carter), and Daughter (Teresa Carter)
Rank: N/A
Serial Number: N/A
Callsign: N/A
Current Posting: N/A

Biographical Notes:

George Blaire was born in 2029 in Portland, Oregon to software designers Michael and Anna Blaire. After graduation from university with an MBA and a bachelor's in computer science,

George went to work for Aerotech in 2055. He is a trouble-shooter for the company, spending most of his time traveling from assignment to assignment. An ambitious and aggressive junior executive, Blaire is known for getting the job done. As long as he is successful, no one asks how he does it.

He is divorced from Denice Carter. They have a five year old daughter named Teresa, who lives with Denice.