Vanessa Damphousse

Played by: Lanei Chapman

Name: Vanessa Damphousse
Date of Birth: 2039
Place of Birth: New York, New York, United States of America
Known Relatives: Father and Mother
Rank: First Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps Air and Space Cavalry
Serial Number: 943-20-02419
Callsign: Ace of Hearts
Current Posting: 5th Wing, 58th Squadron ('Wild Cards'), USS Saratoga SCVN-2812

Biographical Notes:

Born and raised in upstate New York, Vanessa went away to Cal-Tech to attend college. Her area of study was nuclear physics, which allowed her to intern under her father at the San Onofre Nuclear Power facility. Despite a relationship with a man she loved and some promising career opportunities, Damphousse felt her life lacked direction.

At 24, she enlisted in the Corps. Damphousse has proven herself to be a valued member of the 58th, especially in the areas of communications and engineering. Vanessa manifested precognitive abilities that briefly gained her the unwelcome attention of the Psy-Ops division.