John Hill

Played by: Andrew Abud

Name: John Hill
Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Birth: ?, Louisiana, United States of America
Known Relatives: Father and Mother
Rank: Captain, United States Marine Corps Air and Space Cavalry
Serial Number: ???-??-?????
Callsign: Joker
Current Posting: 5th Wing, 58th Squadron ('Wild Cards'), USS Saratoga SCVN-2812

Biographical Notes:

The only son of a middle class family from Louisiana. His mother worked part time as an entertainer and his father was an Aerotech IVA employee. He grew up in an Aerotech company town.

After high school Aerotech offered him a full scholarship in Biomechanics at the University of Louisiana. Declining the offer, He accepted a football scholarship at Texas State. In his third year, his football career ended and he was expelled because of involvement in the hazing related deaths of three In Vitros. The University kept the scandal quiet but the political heat surrounding in Vitro rights made him untouchable to the pro's.

Determined not to return home he joined the Marines. He was promoted to captain just prior to his transfer to the 58th.