Shane Vansen

Played by: Kirsten Cloke

Name: Shane Vansen
Date of Birth: 2041
Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States of America
Known Relatives: two Sisters (Anne & an unknown younger sister), and a niece (Marion) 
Rank: Captain, United States Marine Corps Air and Space Cavalry
Serial Number: 560-51-03318
Callsign: Queen of Diamonds
Current Posting: 5th Wing, 58th Squadron ('Wild Cards'), USS Saratoga SCVN-2812

Biographical Notes:

Shane, along with her two younger sisters, witnessed the execution of her parents in 2053. Their deaths at the hands of the AI's haunts Shane to this day. As the oldest, she was forced into the role of surrogate mother to her sisters. When the youngest enters college, Shane decided the time had come to do something for herself.

Following in her parents footsteps, she enlisted in the Marines. Even though she had no wish to be responsible for others, command ability is one of her strongest talents. McQueen sees her as another "lifer" and acts as her mentor.