Since the cancellation of the Fox television series Space: Above and Beyond in 1996, writers by the dozen have been inspired to continue the history of the Wildcards in fanfic. There are a number of fanfic libraries available on the web, containing hundreds of tales.

A virtual season is somewhat different, though. Flying Pig Productions is a group of writers, beta readers, electronic media artists and web designers who have joined their talents to produce an organized series of fanfic episodes. New episodes will premiere approximately every two months on the Phoenix Virtual Television project and then will be archived in "reruns" on their own permanent site.

The mailing list saab-tvs@eGroups.com is the working list for episodes in progress. We allow lurkers, because lurkers can become workers. Anyone who wishes to contribute to the project in any way is welcome, with ONE CAVEAT -- there WILL BE SPOILERS as we work on the episode in progress and plan upcoming episodes. Those who wish to avoid spoilers should not subscribe to this list.

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S:AAB the Virtual Seasons

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The co-producers of the Space: Above and Beyond virtual seasons are RiverRat and Rayhne. Please feel free to contact them for more information about the virtual series.